Redback Helmet


Redback Helmet with integrated rear light.

Diamondback’s Redback helmet is a commuting style helmet with an integrated safety light. By integrating the rear light into the helmet, it offers extra visibility to other road users whilst you ride. The rear light can be seen at eye level and should be used in conjunction with additional bicycle lights to maximise visibility. Using in-mould technology, this helmet is ideal for riding to school, work, the local cafe or going on a ride with the kids. It’s stylish design and subtle graphics give it an element of sophistication & cool, whilst the adjustable retention system allows you to dial down the size of the helmet for a better fit. The rear light is secure and won’t fall out whilst your riding and can be removed easily by unlocking the clip inside the helmet. Yes , that’s right the rear light is removable and what is better is that the helmet still looks like a helmet when the light is removed. It simply looks like there is a vent where the light is supposed to be.

The batteries are secure and will require a Phillips head screw driver to undo each screw and replace the batteries.

This helmet is only available in M/L 58-62cm head size.

Helmet Features :
In-mould construction
Removable integrated rear safety light
Batteries included CR2032 x 2
Adjustable retention system
ML 58-62 cm